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Dr. In-Seok Seo, Rev. Seoung-Mook Rheem, Dr. Kang-Hyun Kim, Dr. Moo-Jin Jeong, Dr. Jun-Ki Chung


The world around us is changing at a dizzying rate these days. Being adaptable and up-to-date on trends is essential if we want to remain competitive. All things considered, we are making the most of this setting to evaluate our psychological and spiritual needs. In today's postmodern society, religious groups are taking advantage of secularization while also embracing technical advancements and bureaucratic social structures, thereby diluting the spiritual core of their faith. Consequently, a large number of young people who have the potential to become leaders in the church are leaving. Christianity, which was once celebrated for its rich heritage, is now being marginalized and seen as an antiquated religion. Some of us may view the past merely as a story that makes us nostalgic. However, within that historical framework, we are to be driven to improve our lives by finding a new spiritual life. Reviving our faith is one way to deal with the pressing problem at hand. Meditate, reflect, repent, and connect with a higher force to alleviate our inner dissatisfaction; let go of the idea of external achievement, which implies that monetary riches and fame bring us happiness, although fleetingly. We need to rise above emptiness and welcome a meaningful human life. This study takes a spiritual approach to solving the problems by using an examination of David Brainerd's life and ideas as a useful guide.


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