Multiplicity of scientific and technical terms: A problematic or a linguistic property?

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Assia Laribi


Our study is based on the idea that the multiplicity of terminology is neither a linguistic flaw nor a linguistic or terminological problem. It is not considered to be ambiguous. We will show how specialised terms can share the same characteristics as general vocabulary, in particular synonymy. In the course of this study, we will examine the origins of the modern theory of terminology formulated by Wüster, with the aim of clarifying the reasons why this theory and its proponents rely on standardisation and reject synonymy in order to facilitate communication between researchers worldwide. We will also discuss the modern theory of terminology, which is relatively supportive of the idea of synonymy. Finally, we will conduct a study of a number of common scientific terms in English and compare them with their synonyms to illustrate how the current era has imposed a stream of terminology that refers to the same concept. It remains the responsibility of individuals, researchers and different institutions to choose the terminology they consider appropriate.

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