The effects of globalization on human resource management and ways to confront it

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Saad Guermeche Zohra, Ammari Samir, Raki Ahcene ,Boudjaada Lyes


Withthe third millenniumand its containing,political, economic,socialvariables thehumanity entered in new eracalledthe era ofglobalization, whichcarries with it thedimensionsandvariables ofthe sameeffectsin all aspects oflife, and the effects of globalizationis not limited on theorganizations,but rather extended tocontribute to therestructuring of thehuman resources

The human resources as the backbone of any successful organization in achieving its objectives, this requires them to shift to a strategic approach in its work and adopt programs to training and development of human resources, and requires them to also review in the laws and regulations of legislation of human resources, and development of education training system and work to reduce of the skills gap and to consider the development of human resources at the forefront of priorities, the reality of contemporary societies and impose strongly the importance of human resources as an essential element in the evolution of organizations and communities

Clear to us the importance of attention by this function in the organization so it was the duty of the human resources management to put different principles, and policies to organize the functional life of this element and how to deal with, and benefit from it as much as possible.

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