The Role of Direct Marketing on Customer Satisfaction at Djezzy Company -Djelfa-Algeria-

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Dahmane Ahmed, Rabehi Imane


The study aimed to identify the role of direct marketing on customer satisfaction at the communication institutions, that's why direct marketing was selected (Direct Mail, Internet, Catalogue, Telephone) as a separate variable, while customer satisfaction has been selected as a subordinate variable, in order to achieve the objectives of the study, the identification was designed and distributed to (221) customers, (195) were returned, (181) were analytical identification, the research community covered Djezzy’s customers. The study concluded:

- There is a statistically significant relationship between direct marketing dimensions and customer satisfaction.

- There are no statistically significant moral differences for both direct marketing and customer satisfaction due to personal data.

It was also concluded that it is necessary for Djezzy company to pay attention to direct marketing tools and constantly strive to gain the satisfaction of its customers.

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