One of the issues of the nominal sentence in Arabic grammar

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Hadjadj Mustapha


This article aims to study a specific type of the nominal sentence, which is the type that contains a subject that has the subject takes place of the predicate , by referring to what was mentioned by elkhalil and Sibawayeh regarding it. The two approaches adopted here are the historical and descriptive. We went back to what elkhalil and Sibawayeh mentioned in the matter, and we found the matter with them merely by providing the news and delaying the beginning.

As for the middle el akhfach, it is different from elkhalil and Sibawayeh, and he poses a methodological problem, as he produced a sentence that is neither in nominal terms nor actually. Neither is it nominal because its second corner is an actor, and the subject is one of the pillars of the actual sentence, nor is it actual because its first corner is a beginner, and the initiator is one of the pillars of the nominal sentence. We concluded at the end of the research that the opinion of elkhalil and Sibawayeh was correct.

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