The Art of Argumentation in Umayyad Political Poetry: Selected Verses from the Poem 'Al-Kumayt' as a Model of Praise for the Ahl al-Bayt (Family of Prophet Muhammad)"

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Hayat Kebier, Fatiha lalaoui


This study aims to explore the key elements of argumentation in poetry from the Umayyad era, with a focus on argumentative tools, repetition, argument scale , and rhetorical methods, with a close analysis of select verses from a poem celebrating the Hashemites by al-Kumayt ibn Zayd, one of the foremost poetic figures who represented the political conflicts between factions in the Umayyad era. As al-Kumayt defended his own party and opposed others, his poems are loaded with numerous arguments that aimed at demonstrating the rightful claim of the family of the Prophet to the caliphate over all others. He was undoubtedly a genius in pure argumentation that derives from his belief and emotional attachment to the love and support of the Hashemites, deserving recognition as a mastermind of political argumentation in poetry

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