The Urgent Need for Transformational Leadership in the Globalizing World [A Study of Limited Liability Companies (PT) in Yogyakarta]

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Mikhriani, et. al


The globalizing world has increasingly demanded the local elements to keep up with the rapid challenge of global development. Such local elements are organizations such as Limited Liability Companies (PT) located in the Special Region of Yogyakarta (D.I.Y), which are demanded to face the rapid challenge of global changes. By examining aspects of ORC (organization readiness for changes) of several Limited Liability Companies (PT’s) in D.I.Y, through the field survey method, this study found that ORC is closely related to TL (transformational leadership) factors. TL is mainly resulted from three main components: Organization-Based Self-Esteem (OBSE), Collective Efficacy (CE), and Collective-Organizational Citizenship Behavior (COCB). A strong Transformational Leadership is an appropriate weapon for these PT’s to face the global challenge.

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