Childhood Nostalgia in Kamala Das’ Poetry

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Dr.Mary John Sajeev


Childhood and its precious moments literally have a great presence in the minds of ancient and modern poets. Everyone wants to fall in this dream and get lost forever when they sleep at night. The careless behaviors, joys, games, and innocent acts never come back. Hence, no one has a second chance to live it again once they get lost in the oblivion of adulthood. Only the memories of childhood remain at the end. Everyone wants to feel the pleasures of childhood back when they get tired of daily-life problems of adulthood. Confession poetry depicts all such memories and desires to breathe some cool air. This lyrical verse and narrative deals with the intense physical and psychic feelings of the poet's personal life. The confessional poems unite the readers and writer against all odds at one point, i.e. childhood. It is childhood, which is special for everyone. This paper attempts to discover the nostalgic memories of Kamala Das through her poetry. It is a lively portrayal of her childhood which she spent at her old house in Malabar. She recalls those moments after so many years and the pure love she got from her deceased grandmother.

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