Improving Science Activities through STEAM Approach using Camtasia Studio Multimedia in Early Childhood Education

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Pupung Puspa Ardini, Yenti Juniarti, Waode Eti Hardiyanti, Ni Made Pararatih, Riza Dwi Yuliana


The purpose of this study is to improve science activities through STEAM approach using Camtasia videos that can display
various science activities in early childhood education. Ten children aged 5-6 years old were the participants in this research using
classroom action research with two cycles as the method. Various videos of scientific activities were played and applied into the
learning activities. The results show that the children’s prior comprehension on science subject were quite low. Meanwhile, in the
cycle I, the average of children science activity score was 58.42% to become 72.89% in the cycle II. Additionally, throughout
these science activities children were not only improving their comprehension toward scientific process and results but also
internalizing some science attitudes, and importantly, they felt motivated and excited when STEAM approach with the videos
shown at the beginning of learning were playing in the learning activities because it can combine science, technology, and arts in
one activity.

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