The Creation of a Cultural Middle Ground through Multiple Critiques in Anglophone Literature

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Aatisa Shahoor
Saira Asghar Khan
Imdad Ullah Khan


The research article tackles the growing tendency of diasporic writers, as well as literature coming from Anglophone
writers, to distort realities for the sake of aligning oneself with the thought germinated by the mainstream western
media against the eastern cultures in general and those cultures that have been Islamized in particular. The literature
review section will maintain how contrasting societal realities have been depicted in diasporic and Anglophone
literature and stress upon the need of employing Cooke’s idea of multiple critiques which allows the non-native
English writers to assess the merits and demerits of both their native and adopted cultures with close objectivity and
finally create a middle ground as a transformational healing space allowing for the incorporation of the best of both
worlds. The analysis section will depict how Surriyya Shuja Qazi, a leading Pakistani academician can generate this
transformation healing space through her objective scrutiny of both cultures and her refusal to completely blend into
the western culture. Moreover, the analysis also maintains how this technique could also help to mitigate some form
the eastern prejudices against the West.

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