A Study Of Assessment Of Leadership Styles Of The Successful Business Leaders In Mumbai

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Hemant Tiwari, et. al.


Leadership is about influence, which is often defined as the ability to improve another’s behaviour or productivity. The goal of leadership is to exert influence with the involvement of others; e.g., they willingly agree to change; leadership involves the use of power and influence to affect a person or group whether the person wielding the influence has the ultimate authority (position power) to do so or not. Numerous theories have been developed when one talks about leadership in general. One can hardly keep a count of all model and its sub models proposed by different scholars to make the concept of leadership easier for the readers to understand. Earlier studies revels that there on evidence for a particular leadership is most successful. The style of leadership called Situational Leadership is taken into consideration. Its four sub styles of leadership is explored here and later this paper tries to prove the popular style of  today in the city of Mumbai uses for its followers. In this research primary data is collected and analyses is done using SPSS software. 


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