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Fahad Albejaidi


This study was a pioneering study. Organizations are the
collection of human and non-human resources; these resources help
organizations to attain competitive advantage and sustainable performance.
No organization achieves sustainability without an efficient handling of its
resources. Therefore, managerial orchestration and acumen is crucial.
Organizations are more concerned about sustainability. Therefore, the
current study has extended the body of knowledge of COVID-19 (C-19)
pandemic, sustainable performance, psychological capital and safety
management. Based on the contributions towards Resource based view
theory (RBV) and Resource Orchestration Theory (ROT) the current study
aimed to develop original framework of fear of covid-19 (C-19) pandemic
on sustainable performance with mediated moderating role of psychological
capital and safety management. Survey approach was used and cross
sectional data was collected. AMOS-SEM was used for analysis of data. It’s
first generation statistical software. Measurement and structural models
were developed. Hypotheses testing show that there is significant mediating
role of psychological capital upon fear of COVID-19 (C-19) and sustainable
performance along with moderating role of safety management. Researcher
concluded that organizations should support their staff psychologically and
facilitate them with safety measures to get sustainable performance. It
would reduce the fear among employees. It would help the organizations,
their policy makers how to attain competitive advantage and sustainability.
A new model has been empirical tested and validated it will open new doors
of research in organizational settings

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