Teacher Performance Assessment System: Support Teacher Professionalism Based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology in Android Platform

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Suyanta, Anik Ghufron, Pujianto, Esti Swastika Sari, Woro Sri Hastuti, Rizki Arumning Tyas


This study aimed to know the effectiveness of teacher performance assessment system based on artificial intelligence technology
in Android platform to improve the: 1) ability to develop learning innovations; 2) ability to conduct Class Action Research; and 3)
scientific writing skills of class action research implementation results. The research was conducted to develop the competence of
teachers in achieving their professionalism. This research was development research. The development model adopts Dick &
Carey with these stages: 1) analyze; consist of three steps: analyzing the need to identify the needs to identify goals, anal yzing
instructional analysis, and analyzing learners and contexts, 2) developing, 3) design, 4) implement procedural steps after
performing the needs analysis stage, and 5) evaluation. Products developed are in the form of applications in the android platform.
The data was obtained through online application trials to respondents and analyzed descriptively qualitatively. The results show
that the developed applications are effective in improving the teacher’s ability to: 1) bring up ideas of learning innovation, 2)
conduct class action research, and 3) improve their skills to compile scientific articles from their research result. The overall
improvement strongly supports teacher performance in sustainable professional programs.

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