E-learning implementation challenges and impact on education system of Pakistan

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Asma Shahzadi, Qazi Naeem Alam


The proposed study discusses the various parameters of the interest of the student towards e-learning by
analyzing the primary data of the students' feedback from a questionnaire. It analyses the e-learning process
among students who are using this tool in their school colleges. A stratified sampling method has been adopted
for a sample size of 200 and the data has been collected from different grade students of the school, college, and
universities of the Pakistan.
Further, the study provides a detailed discussion of the challenges of adopting eLearning and its impact on the
ordinary education system during a Corona Virus disease outbreak around the world and especially in Pakistan.
It explains how the educational institution faces the challenges of immediate and unplanned switching from
ordinary learning methods to e-learning approaches in this dire situation. This article will help educational
professionals, students, and policymakers for new age education

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