The Integrative Significance of the Admissible in the Qur’an for the Letter, Verb and Noun

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Asaad Ahmed Salim Al-Ghanim, Ali Saleh Hashim Al-Azraqi


The Noble Qur’an is that book whose miracles are innumerable and its oddities are not extinguished. And in the nominative and verbal forms from one form to another, as well as in the use of the singular and the phrase. A student of knowledge who has knowledge of linguistics often deals with the reason for using the word (noun - verb - letter) without other vocalizations or modifications in the pronunciation, but this question is often asked when reading the Qur’an because we are required to do so. The purpose of writing the research includes the Almighty’s saying: “Do they not then reflect upon the Qur’an, or are there locks upon hearts?” And the Qur’an confirms: that there are certain “locks” that close human hearts, and distract them from contemplation. These locks are old, they are new, but with modern pictures, new people and new logos. We have to break these locks and open our hearts to the shining light of God by reflecting on the Qur’anic verses.

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