The Role of Electronic Management in Implementing Administrative Tasks in Light of the Corona Pandemic

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Mohanad Akram Rafeeq, Salam Abduljaleel Wali


The world today is experiencing an unprecedented crisis in the history of mankind, as the peculiarities of this crisis are a result of globalization that has made the world today a small global village connected to continents, dominated by the free movement of capital and goods without the slightest degree of freedom of movement of people. Today’s crisis is not related to a crisis of an economic system, nor a crisis of speculation and the greed of banking institutions and people. Rather, it is a crisis that determines the fate of humanity.

It is known today that the source of the crisis is not economic, political or security, but is primarily health, and this is without going into the details of its cause, whether natural or fabricated, as this health crisis represented by the so-called emerging corona virus obliged most of the world's population a day, and made countries close on themselves The state of emergency was enacted to avoid the spread of this virus among the largest number of people, and the total restriction to freedom of movement and earning internally and internationally caused a major economic depression with all its social and living shocks and more psychological shocks for individuals, and before the Algerian authorities took a set of precautionary measures for prevention. From the spread of the virus and limiting its spread in Algerian circles after recording a considerable number of positive cases, as a result, work was stopped close to a group of vital facilities and national and local institutions that require the personal presence of the applicant, which led to the disruption of the interests of individuals.

The current research will be divided into three chapters, the first chapter includes (what is electronic management), and two topics are branched from it, and the second chapter deals with (electronic management structure and fundamentals), and the third chapter (the role of electronic management in the permanence and continuity of management in light of the Corona pandemic), then concluded the research With findings and recommendations.

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