Marxist (Capitalist) Approach in Pakistani English short stories Nawabuddin Electrician by DaniyalMueenuddin and God be praised by Ahmed NadeemQasmi

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Irfan Ali Sahito, Naeemullah Samejo, Urooj Magsi, Shafique Ahmed Maher, M. Rafique Magsi


The aim of this study to examine  the notion of class system in Pakistani English fiction, "The electricians" and "The God be praised" in view of Marxist critique approach. This is comparative study in which qualitative method and textual analysis tools are used.  In light of Marxist approach both authors share similar concept such as class division based on the socio-economic status and its subsequent impacts on working class. Underlying causes and nature of class system have been shown similar in both short stories. Although, characters in both short stories belong to different backgrounds and settings,  yet they struggle with similar issues. Nawabuddin of "The Electrician" comes from Liberal background while MauliAbul of "God be praised" is conservative, but both are entangled with same problems.

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