Diversity of Sports Content on Social Media Platforms (Whatsapp Application): Arab Sports Journalists as a Model

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Dr. Hadi Abdullah Ahmed, Qasim Hanoon Qasim


The concept of content is the latest in what is related to the new media journalism, and the transformations associated with the media content industry related to the role of users in its production. Data of the electronic content produced by Internet users on the WhatsApp website in the group (Arab Sports Journalists), which is run by an Iraqi sports journalist and in which a number of Iraqi sports journalists participate. The research found that Arab sports journalists benefit from this electronic platform in performing the role of the user who sometimes By producing content, another by receiving content, and a third by transferring content, and that Arab sports journalists have invested this technology in producing modern content, but they still need training to make the most of the features provided by digital media to produce distinguished content.

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