The Psychosocial Impacts of Social Distancing during COVID-19 pandemic. (A Field Study on a Sample of Citizens and Residents of UAE)

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Dr. Rasha Abdelrahman, Dr. Alaa Alsharif


Doubtless, COVID-19 now presents a serious threat for mental health around the world, the unpredictable, fast-spreading caused universal awareness anxiety, and distress all. The present study, therefore, aims to understand the psychosocial impacts of social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic on UAE Society. This descriptive and correlational study design has included 592 (192 males and 400 females), The participants are mix of locals and residents of Arabic speakers, who responded to the questionnaire on a voluntary basis. A multiple-choice questionnaire with (33) items was designed to investigate the psychosocial impacts of social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Finding has shown that (29.7%) of the respondents reported negative physical symptoms, (43. 7%) reported negative psychological Symptoms, and (43.6%) reported negative social symptoms. Findings also show that the oldest group, the Non-married group, and people with the highest income group have shown the highest psychosocial impacts among their groups, while there are no significant differences in the psychosocial impacts according to gender. This result can be of importance to health and social services to prioritize the psychological and social needs and do certain interventions in order to raise the mental health level and wellbeing among population.

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