Jerool E Kemp Model In The Christian Education Learning Process

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Hana Suparti Muner Daliman


The author wants to try to design teaching materials based on Jerrol E Kemp's pattern. Jerrol E Kemp's model is used as a model on the grounds that the needs and goals of teaching are centered on 1). Subjects, tasks and general goals. 2) Characteristics of students. 3) Course content and assignment analysis. 4) Teaching objectives. 5) Teaching and learning activities. 6). Teaching resources. 7) Supporting services. 8) Assessing learning outcomes and. 9) Initial test. This model is used with the premise that the teaching function is the learning designer, implementation and evaluator of the results, so this model is thought to be able to develop teaching materials that can help both teachers and students to be more creative and play an active role in influencing student learning outcomes, especially in the PAK Advisory course. . This is the reason for the writer to use the Jerrold E Kemp model of teaching materials because it is considered practical, its use is easy to implement and there is no compulsion for those who use it, they must follow what Jerrold E Kemp ordered, but it is flexible. This means that this model does not offer according to the wishes of Jerrold E Kemp but based on the needs and interests who want to use it.

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