A Study on Reasoning Ability of Undergraduate Level Students of Sonitpur District On The Basis Of Gender and Stream

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Lamita Chetri


Human beings can think on any given content or subject with different perspectives. The prime cause of adopting such a method of thinking is the existence of intelligence or reasoning ability in human body. Reasoning skills are recognised as the key abilities for human being to discover, explore as well as use the knowledge in a wise manner. In the process of human civilization, such skills do play an important factor. The significance of reasoning ability has been of great concern in educational settings and in the world of work. Reasoning plays an important role in one‟s adjustment to one‟s environment. The present research is proposed to measure the reasoning abilities of the undergraduate level students on the basis of their streams and gender in Sonitpur district, Assam. The standardized tool used by the researcher is called „Shailaja Bhagwat Reasoning Ability Test‟. The questionnaire used for the purpose of data collection hasbeen divided into two sections which consisted of 30 items. For selecting the sample, the researcher employed stratified random sampling technique. The sample in the study comprised of 120 students from a college out of which 75 were boys and 45 girls. Descriptive statistics has been used and t-test calculated for the purpose of data analysis. The study revealed that there existed no significant difference in the reasoning ability between arts and science students. It was also found that there existed no significant difference in the reasoning ability between the male and female students at undergraduate level.

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