Research and Trend on STEM Education in Indonesia: A Systematic Review Based on Bibliometric Mapping (2000-2020)

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Zainal Arifin, Sukarmin, Sarwanto


In recent years, education on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) has become a major concern in the world, including in Indonesia. This study will analyze the productivity and development of scientific research on STEM education in Indonesia which has been published in the Scopus database for the period 2000-2020. There were 219 scientific publications taken from the Scopus database for analysis using the bibliometric method and graphic visualization using the VOSviewer (VOS) application. The findings show that the trend of STEM education research in Indonesia began in 2016 and has experienced significant growth in the last three years (2018-2020) with the number of publications reaching 93.1% of all scientific articles. Researchers in Indonesia tend to publish their work to conference papers or proceeding articles (87.2% or n = 191) and very few are published in journal articles (12.8% or n = 28). Metadata analysis using VOSviewer shows various research topics related to STEM education and there are three main focuses of STEM research in Indonesia, namely on students, engineering education and computing education.

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