Guideline for Developing Business Competency of Private School Administrator in VUCA world

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Chidbhan Tantimangkorn, Vithaya Jansila, Sathiraporn Chaowachai


Thai private school system was designed to alleviate the burden of government education but now is playing a huge role in Thai education. The proportion of students in private schools to the state has increased due to the more learning effectiveness. Thai private schools are more flexible than public schools, and more competitively diversified that enhance education quality. Private schools invested huge amount of resource to attract parents and students like a business investment attracts customers. This research aimed to develop business competency of private school administrator and conducted in 2 steps: (1) document study for analysis and synthesize the business competencies for private school administrator and (2) confirmation and guidelines generation from 7 Thai private education experts. The document study revealed 5 business competencies for Thai private schools. The interview from 7 Thai education experts confirmed those competencies, which consisted of (1) Organizational alignment: Manage performance and health with equal rigor (2) High emotional intelligence (3) Team and processes: Put dynamics ahead of mechanics (4) Corporate strategy: Focus on beating the odds and (5) Education business administration. The interview generated development guideline consisting of on-the-job training, off-the-job training, and self-development. The private school administrators could finally apply this guideline for developing business competency to prevail the impact from the current VUCA world.

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