Assessment of anxiety & depression on older people

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Niraj Kumar Vedpuria, Prof. K.S Sengar


Depression or the occurrence of depressive symptomatology is a prominent condition among older people, with a significant impact on the well-being and quality of life. Many studies have demonstrated that the prevalence of depressive symptoms increase with age (Kennedy, 1996). At the ages over 65-year-old, depression is the most common mental health problem and probably the most frequent cause of emotional suffering in late life. The aging of the world population results in the increasing prevalence of depression in the elderly and is estimated to affect one in seven people. The present study investigated the anxiety and depression in older people population Objective: To assess the intensity of depression, anxiety on older people those who are living in old age home. Method: Present study is cross sectional old age home based and approved by ethical committee of RINPAS, Ranchi. Total forty (n = 40) old age persons will be included. Group one consists twenty (n=20) old age persons above 60 years of both the genders, separated from family without any organic condition was be taken. Group two consists of (N= 20) old age persons matched with inclusion & exclusion criteria and those who are not separated from the family as control and both the groups will be assessed by MMSE,HAM-D, HAM-A. Result: Present study has been progressing and in the time of presentation results will be shown and discussed.

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