Education Regarding Ai's Impact on Cybercrimes and Data Protection laws in India

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Dr. Anusuya Yadav


Artificial Intelligence is a well-known branch of computer science which remained positioned on the top inrecent years. There are numerous applications of AI, most often we use them every day. Talking to Digital Assistant, Spam Email Filtration, Getting the Shortest Available Path on Google Maps, all of these are basic applications of AI. We use these on daily basis. AI proves itself to be a very powerful tool for the digital future. With the tremendous popularity that AI has gained over the years, it has major drawbacks too.AI initiated cyberattacks are not uncommon things anymore.In the 2010s, it has been seen that AI and ML (Machine Learning) were used by hackers in data breaches and in exploiting systems. Thus both AI and ML are becoming threats to the future. Numerous Cyber Laws comment on the Liability of AI. This paper focuses on the impact of Artificial Intelligence on Cyber Crimes and Cyber Laws, and the limitations of the use of Artificial Intelligence on a very large scale.

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