The World Is Divided Into Center-Periphery Structures: Mohsin Hamid’s Exit West Presents The Fiasco Of Western Grand Narrative Of Globalization

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Hassan Bin Zubair, Dr. Noveen Javed, Ahmad Naeem


This Research Attempts To Project The Failure Of Politico-Cultural Globalization Due To The Politics Of Western Affluent Countries. The Research Examines How The Promise Of Globalization-Ruling The World Through Single Governance Is No Longer Meaningful In The Postmodern Time. The Issue Of Nationalism In The Contemporary World Has Been Discussed Openly And The World Is Divided Into Center-Periphery Structures, Which Pushes The Essence Of Globalization At Bay. By Taking The Theoretical Insights On Globalization And Anti-Globalization Proposed By Theorists Like Arjun Appadurai, Jacque Derrida, Shaobo Xie, And Timothy Brennan, The Study Reveals Unpredictable Sufferings Of Refugees And Migrants And Reversing The Idea Of The Global Village. The Journey Of Saeed And Nadia, Refugees, Towards Western Hemispheres Has Been Stocked With Many Obstacles. They Could Not Feel Oneness And Friendship During Their Journey. Due To Westerners' Imperial Mindset, The Bank Of Justice Is Bankrupted And Humanity Is Deserted All Over The World. The Diverse Phenomena Of Globalization; Multiculturalism, Cosmopolitanism, Multinational Plurality, And Multilingual Existence Of The Individual As Well As Entire Society Are At Threat. It Shows The Discourse Of Inter-Governmental And Multiple-Citizenship Turned Into Isolationist Policy In The World And The Failure Of Western Grand Narratives Of Globalization

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