Decision-Making and Personality Difficulties among College Students

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Niraj Kumar Vedpuria, et. al.


Background: Decision-making and personality’s difficulties may be affected by problem solving and decision-making skills of individuals. College students lacking problem solving and decision-making skills tend to experience more difficulty in decision– making. Various studies show that career decision making difficulties are related to environmental and individual characteristics such as negative beliefs related to choice of education factor personality traits. Objectives: To assess the decision-making and personalities difficulties of college students. Method: This study intends to elaborate upon difficulties in Decision-Making and Personality Difficulties among college of Students Patna district with different locus of control. 312 girls, 221 boys totaling 533 participants involved in research located in Patna. Results & Conclusion: The findings show that undecided students found more difficulties in making career decisions than their decided counterparts. They have good information about jobs/career, their own talents, abilities and capabilities to perform in particular field. Whereas, the undecided students lack confidence, have scarcity of information about jobs/career and show inability in knowing themselves for making relevant career decisions.


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