Improvement Of Knowledge Activity Of School Children In Physics Lessons

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Tarik Al Soub


The quality and safety of life depend on the civilization of society, which determines the level of education of the population. According to the modern reform of Jordan education, most pupils and students should learn most of the educational programs on their own. Teachers and university professors well merge the material studied.

The development of a student’s cognitive activity has always been one of the priority tasks of education. The new educational paradigm, which is based on a system-activity approach, is also focused on the comprehensive development of the student’s personality and the formation of his highest stage of activity and independence - creative activity. Physics lessons, according to the Educational Standard, should ensure the formation of educational competencies and ideas about a holistic scientific picture of the world. It can achieve this in various ways, including using active learning methods. This article provides a classification of active learning methods, the use of which helps to increase the cognitive activity of students, and describes the results of using these methods in physics lessons at the level of basic general education.

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