The Influence of Organizational Climate and Career Development on Job Satisfaction and Service Quality

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Yeti Kuswati, et. al


This study was motivated by the importance of organizational climate and career development on job satisfaction in improving the service quality. The purpose of this study was to describe and verify facts on organizational climate, career development, job satisfaction, and service quality. This study used a quantitative method by using a survey technique. The samples of this study were employees and communities using total sampling and random sampling. This study used primary and secondary data. Data were analyzed using path analysis with SPSS Version 20.0. Based on the results, a conducive organizational climate was important in fulfilling employee comfort which can be seen from the formation of structures, preparation of work standards, and responsibilities of each employee in Cigasong Sub-District Majalengka Regency. Transparent and fair career development was important for employee engagement in Cigasong Sub-District Majalengka Regency, which can be seen from the improvement in the justice system in a career, concern from leaders for employees, clarity of information received by employees, and a good promotion system. Job satisfaction was able to meet employee expectations with reality.

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