Development of E-Authentic Assessment in Computer Network Learning

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Ambiyar, et. al


This research is aimed to produce an online instrument of authentic assessment in computer network learning which uses problem-based learning model. This web-based authentic assessment instrument shares similar content with the conventional authentic assessment yet is more effective and efficient. In order to get a valid, practical, and effective authentic assessment, several tests are caried out in Computer Science Faculty of Dharmas Indonesia University. This research employs ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation) method and the data is analyzed in descriptive-quantitative approach. The validity of the product is tested by some experts and its practicality is tested by the users based on the result of the students’ learning outdomes. The result of validity test shows that the developed authentic assessment is 96% valid. The result of practical test shows that the developed authentic assessment is very practical with 93% for semerster learning plans (RPS). According to the result of effectiveness test, the developed authenctic assessment is effective for homogenous sample with sig value 0,007 <0,05, indicating that there is a significant difference of learning outcomes between controled class and experiment class. This means that the developed authentic assessment in computer network learning is valid, practical, and effective to measure the students’ skill and competence.

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