A Study of Parental Verbal Abuse on Children in West Fajar Agung Village Pringsewu Regency

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Hasni Diana, et. al


Factors Influencing Parents Doing Verbal Abuse on Their Children in West Fajar Agung Village, Pringsewu, Lampung. Parental verbal abuse is all forms of speech by parents to children that are threatening, frightening, insulting, and rejecting. This was committed because of knowledge, experience, family, economic, socio-cultural, and environmental factors. This study analyzed the relationship between the factors influencing parental verbal abuse behavior. This type of research was quantitative with the analytical descriptive approach method. The study sample was 121 people obtained by proportionate random sampling technique. The results showed that respondents who have sufficient knowledge had high verbal abuse behavior (54.3 percent), respondents who have experience of experiencing verbal abuse with high behavior (45.7 percent), high families for the occurrence of verbal abuse had high verbal abuse behavior ( 68.2 percent), respondents with low economic status had high behavior (51.6 percent), low socio-culture had low behavior (48 percent), and respondents with high environmental behavior (66.7 percent). The factors of knowledge, experience, family, economy, socio-culture, and environment have a significant relationship with the behavior of parents who commit verbal abuse to their children.

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