The effectiveness of the Barman model in developing technical performance and accuracy of skill Country crushing volleyball game

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Falah Kadhim Dhaigham , Saeed Gheni Noori


 The study aimed to identify the effectiveness of using the Barman model in developing technical performance and the accuracy of the front-facing serving skill from the top in the volleyball game for students, and the researchers used the experimental approach with two equal groups. Their numbers were (75) young players distributed among some of the governorate clubs. The sample was randomly selected and distributed into two groups, an experimental group and another control group. Parity was made for the two groups for the skill under study. Four weeks for the two groups, according to the curriculum prepared by the two researchers, and the number of units was distributed according to two units per week, and the duration of one educational unit reached (90) minutes. This model of developing creative thinking among players is one of the active models that contribute to the participation of learners in the development unit, which increased the speed of learning the skill in them because of the accuracy of the performance.

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