Perception Of Tourists Behavior In Second Tier Cities In Thailand

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Sirikhuan Panyarien, Warach Madhyamapurush, Prakobsiri Pakdeepinit, Phatpitta Sreesoompong


The objective of this study was to study the perception of tourists’ behavior in second-tier cities. The sample population was 400 tourists who had come to visit second-tier cities. This quantitative research used a closed-ended questionnaire and a five-rating scale questionnaire. The study found that the perception of tourist behavior in second-tier cities was the overall image of tourist attractions in 14 areas was at a high level. In terms of perception of the tourist destinations of the second-tier cities of the province, the cities were beautiful, remarkable, and unique (= 3.71, S.D. = 0.90). Most respondents agreed that the characteristics of the second-tier tourist attractions were historical in nature. The average percentage was 56.4. As for the tourism promotion activities and travel needs for second-tier cities, the respondents wanted to travel to Lampang the most, (Lampang is known as a “Slow Travel City”). Its average percentage was 20.75. As for the informational channels of tourist destinations in the second-tier cities, the overall information was perceived primarily through online media applications, with an average of 46.75%. Keywords: Tourists, Perception of Tourism Image, Second –Tier Cities’ Tourists, Thailand

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