Work-Family Permeability and Conflict: A new origin for Technostress among Educators- Critical Examination of Linkages

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Dr. Kirupa Priyadarshini M , Pandi Karthi Kanmani


The blurring of boundaries and conflicts between work and family domains has considerable challenges, resulting in technostress. Educators across the globe are grappling with the tough times and they do not have a choice at the moment. Technostress reflects one‘s discomposure, fear, tension and anxiety when one is learning through computer technology directly or indirectly that ultimately end in psychological and emotional repulsion and prevents one from further learning or even using computer technology, Wang, (2019). This study aims at investigating the effect of work-family permeability and work from home practices on higher-Ed educators. The study considers the spillover of borders of work and family domain on to each other which leads to conflicts between the two domains which is bi-directional in nature leading eventually to technostress. Not much of literature is available to study the linkages. Higher education sector in India with the online mode is losing the battle as, the stakeholders are not equipped enough. Descriptive research design has been adopted with a sample size of 165, Data was collected through structured instruments with constructs such as permeability (Clark, 2002), Work-Family Conflict, Family-Work conflict (Dilworth, 2004), Technostress (Louis Leung & Renwen Zhang, 2017). The analysis was subjected to PLS path modeling and the hypothetical model was tested using SMART PLS and the results indicate that the permeability and Work-Family conflicts have a far-reaching impact on Technostress

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