Formative Assessment Management through Vietnamese English Majored Students’ Lenses and Ways to Improve Student Motivation

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Nguyen Van Hai, Phan Quoc Lam, Duong Thi Thanh Thanh, Giap Binh Nga


This paper focuses on the view on formative assessment management from students’ lenses in order to help adjust teaching/learning methods and curriculums. Contrasting to summative assessment, formative assessment has been considered an informal assessment of student’s results. However, its contribution to the innovation of teaching and learning is relatively important. Appropriate use of this form of assessment leads to a successful teaching and learning process, and a much better result and quality of training. A questionnaire and interviews were used to investigate 228 students to find out the reality of formative assessment practice for English majored students and its management by different stakeholders. The results of the investigation show a significant shortage of awareness of students about formative assessment nature and strengths. These results also suggest innovative solutions to improve student motivation based on formative assessment practice.

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