Hinduism and Hindustani Music

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Dr. Maneesha Kulkarni


These are the famous lines wherein lord Krishna professes that neither do I reside in Vaikuntha (his heavenly abode) nor in the hearts of the Yogis, but I dwell where my devotees sing my name. Thus, in Indian Culture, Music has been associated with devotion as a vehicle to reach the Almighty. This association can be seen not only in Hindu religion but also in other religions like Jain, Christian and Muslim religions etc. However, to limit the scope the paper, the relationship between devotion and Hindu religion will be studied in this paper. Also, this association can be found in many genres of Indian Music such as folk Music, Semi classical music, Carnatic Music etc. Though, Sufism too, has played role in the evolution of Hindustani Classical Music, it does not fall in the purview of this paper.  Thus, in this paper, we would focus on the relation between Hinduism and Hindustani Classical Vocal Music.

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