Is there need to update Teaching Techniques in Abhidhammain Theravāda Buddhism?

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Ven Sobhana, Dr. Jyoti Gaur


Buddhist Studies is the favorite subject of Myanmar population especially amongst monks. Buddhist literature is taught by two types of teaching techniques i.e., Mandalay and Pakkoku techniques are popular in the universities. Some universities use the modern techniques and teach the students using computers and internet. The CDs, videos, blogs, websites have developed that provide brief content to the readers and learners. But, not all teaching institutions have accepted it and are not updated. Today, almost all the academic fields have included Modern methods in their curriculum for the better understanding of the subjects. But the religious studies still follow the old methods. The reason may be many like, lack of contact with technical world, belief in old methods and lack of interest in bringing in development in curriculum. Although, both of teaching techniques are very effective for monks, as they are used to learning and teaching through old methods. But, like other fields, would it not be better to teach and train young novice using newer techniques? Will the modern techniques be useful for the religious studies?

The paper will explore and compare the old teaching techniques with the modern by assessing their impact on the knowledge of the monks and nuns who have been learning through these techniques.

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