School Principals as Change Facilitators for ICT integration: Teachers’ Perspectives

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Nazir Ahmed Jogezai, Fozia Ahmed Baloch, Gulab Khan Khilji


School principals, as change facilitators, have been highly effective in influencing the implementation of educational innovations such as ICT integration. This mixed-method research study investigated the change facilitation styles (CFS), including responders, managers, and initiators used by secondary school principals towards implementing ICT integration. The researchers collected data from 276 secondary school teachers by using change facilitation styles questionnaire (CFSQ). In the qualitative part the researchers interviewed twelve teachers to know their perceptions about their principals’ change facilitation styles regarding the integration of ICT in teaching and learning. The findings inform that majority of the principals was with responder as a change facilitator style. Teachers' perceived initiators being more supportive of ICT integration as compared to responders and managers.

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