The narrators who were weakened by Yaqoub Bin Shaiba and other scholars disagreed with him (Critical study)

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Jasim Mohammed Rashid


The research aims to highlight the efforts of the critics among the scholars of hadith in preserving the Sunnah of the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, from increase, decrease, loss, forgetfulness, interpretation of the ignorant, and the increase of the righteous, without taking them in God as a blame for the blame. From every successor his impurity is denied from him the distortion of the gallant and the impersonation of the false and the interpretation of the ignorant), and among these scholars Yaqoub bin Shaiba, who has a long tradition in the science of men.

They mentioned the narrators with whom other scholars disagreed, briefing the one who had a narration in the two Sahihs or one of them, indicating his evidence in that speech and comparing it to other critical scholars’s words, then weighing what I think is most likely to be obtained from the evidence and sayings given to us by the two Sahihs of the status of the Islamic ummah.


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