Marketing Strategy Of Private Distance Learning Higher Education Institutions In South Africa-A Case Study Of Richfield Graduate Institute Of Technology (Rgit) Durban

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Debapriyo Nag, Dr. C. L. Sharma, Dr. Neeraj Sharma


This study takes a deeper look into the marketing strategies employed by private institutions of higher learning in South Africa considering the concept of blended delivery in learning, which is an integral part of the product offerings of any institution not in a regular mode to deliver their content. The blended learning pedagogy for these institutions so far, has been an effective mode of attracting students as it combines the ease of distance learning with face-to-face interaction through classroom learning. This has been an effective mode of study since 1995 when South Africa became free from the clutches of apartheid. This paper does an in-depth study of marketing techniques employed by Richfield Graduate Institute of Technology (RGIT) to understand the nuances of marketing in the higher education landscape offered by private providers and are available in the public domain.

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