Effect of Football Lead up Games on Selected Physical fitness Components among Football Players

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The Purpose of the study was to analyze the effect of football lead up games on selected physical fitness components among of football players. In order to achieve this purpose thirty (N=30) football players from Loyola college, Chennai district were selected randomly. Their age was ranged between 18 to 25 years. Football lead up games was taken as a Independent variable and physical fitness variables namely speed and strength endurance were taken as dependent variables. Selected subjects were attended football lead up games programme for a period of six weeks. Tests were conducted and data were collected before and after the six weeks of football lead up games programme. To find the result the collected data were statistically analyzed by computing ‘t’ test. Based on the statistical result it was concluded that the football lead up games will significantly improve the selected physical fitness components variables namely Speed and Strength endurance at the 0.05 level of significant.

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