PE Teacher’s Teaching Styles in Relation to Students’ Motivating Factors to Learn

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Robert Alvin A. Yap


This study was intended to develop an action plan that will improve the Bachelor of Physical Education (BPE) Program at President Ramon Magsaysay State University. It deals with the identified students’ motivating factors to learn and the physical education teacher’s teaching styles implemented anchored by Mosston’s Teaching Styles, to increase the completion rate of BPE graduates. This is a descriptive mixed method using questionnaires, observation, and interviews with the 120 respondents comprising of 100 BPE students and 20 PE teachers of the Physical Education Department. The observation and interview questions were guided by Mosston’s Teaching Styles. The findings show that the students are often motivated by the identified motivation factors such as classroom environment, teacher behavior, teaching style, and self-motivation to finish the 4-year course within the specified term. On the other hand, teachers affirmed that the command style of Mosston’s Teaching Styles was prevalently implemented most, while, individual program style was sometimes applied. It was also found out that there is a high relationship between the motivating factors and the teacher’s teaching style. The major recommendation is to implement the strategic action plan developed to enhance the mastery of the PE faculty with the different Mosston’s teaching styles to address the individual needs of the students’ learning.

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