Exploring Teachers’ Readiness in Coping With The Challenges Of Covid-19 Pandemic: Basis For Academic Transition Program

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Liane Vina G. Ocampo, Alfe M. Solina


The increasing demand for educational transformation caused by the fast-facing technological development was heightened by the COVID 19 pandemic situation. The integration of technology in teaching modalities was considered to address issues especially the utilization of the internet as a tool to deliver the lesson to students. However, these transitions in the educational system have confronted educators to a greater challenge concerning their competencies in the utilization of ICT driven pedagogies to ensure the quality and standards of education (UNESCO, 2018). Blended and other alternative modes of learning often included additional preparation time and instructional elements that can deliver necessary information to students in a flexible condition (UNESCO & IESALC, 2020).

In relation to this challenge, a research study was designed to provide a representation of the status of 200 sample respondents from selected cities in the Province of Cavite as regard the teachers’ capability and skills as they cope with the current challenging educational demands to effectively adapt to the changes and reshape the educational system. The result of the study showed that teachers have flexible and student-focus teaching style, highly motivated to engage in an online learning system, and have good time management practice. Based from these results, other competency areas that require additional training can be identified given the three important dimensions of readiness for online teaching as expounded in the study.

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