Land Cover Change Quantification in a Watershed Using Geographical Information System & Remote Sensing Techniques A Case Study of Anand Region

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Rajansinh L Zala, Saurabh J Mali, Bhavesh D Gohil


Water is one of the most important resources for sustaining human settlements. Hydrological cycle is one of the important cycles to balance and replenish the water resources in a area. Watershed is one of the basic units of this cycle. In present paper using Shuttle Radar Topographic Mission (SRTM) Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Watersheds are delineated and used for quantification of land cover changes in each watershed. For Land cover change analysis Landsat 5 TM for December 2008 Image and Landsat 8 for December 2018 multispectral images are used to quantify changes in land cover. Study reveals that there is increase in open land and decrease in vegetation of approximately 20%.

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