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PSYCHOLOGY AND EDUCATION is a quality journal devoted to basic research, theory, and techniques and arts of practice in the general field of psychology and education. PSYCHOLOGY AND EDUCATION is published biannually in a Spring/Summer issue and a Fall/Winter issue. There are numerous papers on important aspects of psychology and education which can find no place in the professional literature. This journal is dedicated to filling this void.

Preparation of manuscripts: In formal aspects, the manuscripts should follow closely the general directions given in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th Edition). EXCEPTIONS: All data in photographs, tables, drawings, figures and graphs must be simplified and stated in the RESULTS section of the paper.  All papers must be formatted in MSWord, typed, Times New Roman font #12, double-spaced, with 1 inch margins, and submitted electronically or printed manuscript in original copy.  Manuscripts must be accompanied by an abstract of about 70-100 words.  The manuscript and abstract should conform to the American Psychological Association Manual Style, 6th Edition.

Abstracts will be listed online …

Individual subscription rates:

U.S. – $22.00 per year;

Canada, Mexico – $22.00 + $5.00 additional for postage;

Overseas – $22.00 + $6.50 for postage airmail.

Back Dated Issues – $11.00 each + $1.30 postage mailed in the U.S., and $11.00 + postage of $2.50 to Canada and Mexico; $11.00 + postage of $3.50 for overseas locations.

Multiple year subscriptions may be ordered at current yearly rates. Air mail for overseas subscriptions.

Electronic back issues are $11.00 each.

PSYCHOLOGY AND EDUCATION, the Editor, nor the Board of Editors (individually or collectively), assumes no responsibility for statements of fact or opinion in the papers printed. Authors are responsible for obtaining copyright permissions. Advertising rates supplied on request. Books for review should be sent to the Editor.

Articles in PSYCHOLOGY AND EDUCATION are listed in PsycINFO, American Psychological Association (APA), Scopus, Sage Publications,, and shared with other websites, and numerous gratis copies are mailed to the Library of Congress, EBSCO subscription services, and universities in developing countries overseas.


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