Analysis of Heating Temperature Using Refrigerators in Mountainous Areas With Ethnoscience Approach

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Ahmad Khoiril, Widha Sunarno, Sajidan Sajidan, Sukarmin Sukarmin


The study of ethnoscience in cold and extreme environmental conditions requires heating, so the study aims to analyze the room heater using an ethnoscience approach refrigerator. The experimental method used a heater room simulator at 3 different temperature locations, with regression analysis techniques to test the magnitude of the influence between variables. The results showed that the longer the room heater operating time, the higher the temperature produced, and vice versa. In the use of 2 heating elements, regression analysis is carried out and it produces y = 0.0105x + 27.575 where the greater the X value, the greater the Y value. Resulting in a room temperature of approximately 28.2 C at sixty minutes with R2 of 0.9953. In the use of 4 heating elements, regression analysis is carried out and produces y = 0.02x + 28.3 where the greater the X value, the greater the Y value with R2 of 0.9991. Produces a room temperature of approximately 29.5 C for sixty minutes. The characteristics of the room heater after 5 hours of operation are smoke and odor. The smoke that appears is caused by the burning elements of the painted ram wire. While the smell that appears is the result of the burning. When 2 heating elements operate, the only effect within 10 minutes is the smell of burning paint. Meanwhile, when 4 heating elements operate, the effect within 10 minutes will only cause a little smoke and the smell of burning paint but not sharp. Furthermore, in 15 minutes it creates smoke that is thick enough and the smell of burning paint is quite sharp. Meanwhile, in 60 minutes it creates thick smoke with a sharp burning smell using ram wire that is not coated with paint or using other equipment provided that it is not easy to melt or burn because the temperature generated by the heating element is quite high. Especially in cold environmental conditions, it will accelerate the healing process because it is directly related to the surrounding air pressure. The ethnoscience approach provides an understanding of original science that develops in society through scientific.

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